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Platteau, operating in the metal chipping world, specialises in the production of exclusive parts. We develop and manufacture parts for various applications such as in the textile, transport and graphics industry.
Our company disposes of more than 50 years of experience and know-how. To satisfy the wishes the customer we primarily concentrate on the manufacture of unique and complex parts in small series. The parts can then be manufactured fully in line with the customer’s requirements. Platteau disposes of modern and comprehensive machinery because this production involves precision work.

Platteau is also an important supplier (subcontractor) for machine building and construction for various sectors and applications.


We use modern and extensive machinery along with an extensive range of adapted equipment to be able to manufacture unique and complex parts.

A modern and efficiently structured workplace assists in ensuring an optimal production process. Accordingly, new machines have recently been purchased, and Platteau N.V. continues to invest in these technological capabilities.

The complete milling machinery

The complete turning machinery